Niner Research

Niner Research is a new integrated electronic research administration (eRA) system that will help manage UNC Charlotte's research and research compliance activities. This system provides a range of new features and tighter integration of the diverse aspects of our research enterprise, including proposal and contract administration, conflict of interest management, the use of laboratory animals, biosafety, and human subject research. Niner Research will completely replace the existing legacy systems of NORM, IRBIS, and AIR by Sept. 30, 2021. 

IRB - Human Subject Module Update:

The IRB Human Subjects submission, tracking, and management system of Niner Research is scheduled to go-live on July 1, 2021. For an overview of the launch of the Niner Research IRB Human Subjects module, please view this memo. In addition, further details are provided below in the Institutional Review Board - Human Subjects section.

Grants Modules Now Available: 

NORM will officially retire as our system for proposal development and submission on May 15, 2021.  Starting March 9, 2021, faculty, staff, and administrators are encouraged to begin to submit new proposals using Niner Research. For an overview of the launch of the Niner Research Grants Modules please view this memo

Training in the navigation, features, and use of the Grants modules in Niner Research is divided into four 1-hour sessions. Sessions 2-4 build upon the content of the previous sessions. Therefore, they should be taken in sequence.  Viewers and Approvers are encouraged to become Niner Research Champions by completing the first training session which provides a broad overview of the grants modules, including the proposal reviewer dashboard.  Similarly, Developers are encouraged to complete sessions 1 and 2 to be certified as Niner Research ExpertsSuperUsers require more advanced training and are encouraged to complete all four sessions. Training certifications (Niner Research Champion, Expert, and SuperUser) will be issued following the successful completion of the corresponding training requirements.

Online, instructor-led training sessions begin this week (March 8) and will continue for the next 12 weeks.  Space is limited and registration through Percipio is required. Please use the links below to register for one or more of the sessions.

  1. Session 1: Introduction to Niner Research Grants Modules
  2. Session 2: Proposal Development Basics
  3. Session 3: Complex Budgets and Tracking Proposals and Awards
  4. Session 4: Award Tracking and Agreements
  5. Session 5: Financial Tracking

UPGRADE COMPLETE: The Niner Research upgrade is complete and the production environment is back online as of 6/10/21 at 3:40pm. Please CLEAR YOUR CACHE if you are having difficulty logging in. If you experience any other issues, please contact

The Office of Research Services and Outreach as well as your college based research offices are ready to work with you to ensure prompt and successful proposal submissions. Please reach out to one of the following team members for assistance.
Office of Research Services and Outreach - Stafford Farmer ( or Ellen Zavala (
College of Arts + Architecture - Mary Welsh (
College of Business - Stephanie Sanchez-Esparragoza (
College of Computing and Informatics - Audrey Callahan (
College of Education - April Schenck (
College of Engineering - Shanda Wirt ( or Stacy Leotta (
College of Liberal Arts & Sciences - Peter Szanton ( or Paul Cryer (
College of Health and Human Services - Vikki Cherwon (

Niner Research Login

Test/Training Environment

Need Technical Help?

Video Tutorials and Documentation

The Research and Economic Development Department is committed to providing the UNC Charlotte research community with the services required to fulfill their research administration needs at an optimum level. In addition to the live training sessions outlined above, a series of short tutorials and video demonstrations to help users become familiar with both the basic and more advanced features of Niner Research are listed below.  If you would like to suggest a tutorial topic for our consideration, please email us at

Reference Guide

Help Video

Niner Research Basics  Video
Delegates Reference Guide Video


Pop-Up Blocker Notice: Niner Research sometimes utilizes a pop-up window instead of navigating to a new screen within the same tab/window. These pop-up windows could be blocked by your browser settings and/or you may experience performance issues where the screen attempts to load indefinitely. In some cases, you could automatically be prompted to turn the blocker off by the browser. Otherwise, you will need to navigate to your pop-up blocker settings and disable the pop-up blocker. The Pop-up blocker for Niner Research document will help you disable the pop-up blocker. 


Chris Krumm - 704-687-1865

  • System Admin: Access/Technical 

Reference Guide

Proposal Development: Creating, completing and routing proposals
Proposal Tracking and Award Tracking: PT and AT Navigation
Proposal Review:  How to review and approve proposals in Niner Research
Sponsored Programs Budget Budgeting in PD, PT, and AT
Financial Tracking: How to use the Financial Tracking module


Video Tutorials and Demos

Proposal Development Award Tracking Financial Tracking
How to create a proposal in Niner Research How do I access an award from Proposal Tracking in Niner Research How do I access the financial tracking fund Operating Budget in Niner Research ?
How to navigate the review and approval dashboard How do I access and view an award in Niner Research How do I access the financial tracking fund Personnel in Niner Research ?
How to create a budget in Niner Research How do I search for an award in Niner Research How do I access the financial tracking fund Receivables in Niner Research
How to finalize a proposal in Niner Research How do I access Award Page Setup in Niner Research How do I access the financial tracking fund Soft Encumbrances in Niner Research?
How to complete and route a minimum effort waiver in Niner Research How do I access Award Agreements in Niner Research
How do I complete and route a F&A Waiver in Niner Research  


Ellen Zavala - 704-687-1881
Stafford Famer - 704-687-1860

  • Proposal Development

Nikki Simmons - 704-687-1885
Debbie Bolick - 704-687-1883

  • Agreements

Nikki Simmons - 704-687-1885
Leslie Jenkins - 704-687-1868

  • Proposal Tracking
  • Award Tracking (Contracting)
  • Subawards
  • Change Requests (Contracting)

Darlene Booker - 704-687-1873
Kathy Edwards - 704-687-1858

  • Award Tracking (Post Award)
  • Change Requests (Post Award)
  • Financial Tracking
  • Fund Setup

Christelle McKinney - 704-687-1886
Tracee Jackson - 704-687-1863

  • Subrecipient Monitoring

The Reference guides below will help in completing actions within the Niner Research Change Request module. For more information about Change Requests, visit the Grants and Contracts Research Administration Documents webpage and locate the relevant topic.  

Reference Guide

Help Video

Assumption of Risk How do I Submit an Assumption of Risk change request in Niner Research?



Darlene Booker - 704-687-1873
Kathy Edwards - 704-687-1858

  • Change Requests

Visit our Conflict of Interest page and view the Frequently Asked Questions document to learn more about the form. The Reference guides below will help in completing actions within Niner Research. 

Reference Guide

Help Video

Preparing for your Conflict of Interest Disclosure  
How to do a Disclosure  Video
Reviewing a notice of intent to participate in EPAP Video



Sherry Loyd - 704-687-8270​

  • Associate Director and Conflict of Interest Manager

UNC Charlotte’s current IRB administration system is being replaced with Niner Research. The Niner Research IRB module allows for all submissions, including new studies, renewals, post-approval administrative check-ins, amendments, and adverse/unanticipated events.

Important Dates:

  • July 1st: Niner Research IRB module go-live to campus. New protocols should be submitted in Niner Research.
  • July 9th (around 12 noon): IRBIS system is no longer available for modifications and renewals.
  • July 9 - 25th: IRBIS system available for administrative review and PI’s actions.
  • July 25th: Protocols applications in-progress and not finalized (i.e., not approved) will not transition to Niner Research. Please address review comments immediately.
  • July 26th: IRBIS retirement.
Summary of Important Details:

New/Initial Study Submissions:
  • Researchers are encouraged to plan the timing of their IRB protocol application submissions for when the Niner Research IRB module is live.
  • After July 1st, researchers are expected to submit new studies via Niner Research.
Active Studies:
  • Modifications: If you anticipate needing to make a protocol modification (amendment) to an active study, modifications must be submitted before 12 noon, July 9, 2021. IRBIS will no longer be available for new submissions after this date and time. You are encouraged to submit modifications well in advance of the deadline.
  • Renewals: Studies that are due for renewal in June, July, and August, should submit the Renewal request early. Please plan to submit renewal submissions by the end of June and no later than July 9th.
  • Data conversion: Summary information (e.g. title, personnel, approval dates, etc.) about all active studies will be migrated to Niner Research. In addition, eform data (protocol application) in PDF format along with all study attachments will be available by mid-September.
  • Researchers are encouraged to download active study materials (protocol, attachments, approval letter) from IRBIS for your own records and ease of access. Refer to the IRBIS landing page for a user guide for downloading IRBIS documents.
  • Protocol applications submissions that are In Draft in IRBIS will not be transitioned to Niner Research.
  • Protocol applications with outstanding stipulations will not be transitioned to Niner Research.
  • Protocols applications in-progress and not finalized (i.e., not approved) by July 25th will not transition to Niner Research. Please address review comments immediately.

Online, instructor-led training sessions will begin in July and continue for several weeks. Space is limited and registration through Percipio is required. Log-in thru Percipio and search for "IRB".

Session 1: Niner Research: IRB Submission Basics
Session 2: Creating post-approval submissions (amendments, annual renewals, etc.)

This information will be updated as the Niner Research go-live date approaches.


Reference Guide

IRB Frequently Asked Questions
IRB Guide for Researchers



Video Tutorials and Demos

Creating and Submitting initial IRB application
Locating Records
Navigating Niner Research IRB module
Responding to review comments



Cat Runden - 704-687-1871
Uzma Khan - 704-687-8341

  • IRB/Human Subjects