IRB Schedule of Meetings

Protocol applications that require review by the full IRB Committee must be submitted per the deadlines for submitting materials, as detailed in the table below.

What type of protocol would require full IRB Committee review?

Protocols that do not fit into the Exempt or Expedited Review Categories or studies involving more complex research designs, addressing sensitive issues and/or involving vulnerable populations (e.g., children, persons with mental disabilities, etc.).

IRB Meeting Date
Time: 12:30-2:30
Location: 135 Cameron
 Deadline for Materials:
All study materials should be submitted by the close of business day
of the specified dates below.
September 9 August 28
October 14 September 30
November 11 October 30
December 9 November 25
January 13 January 2
February 10 January 29
March 9 February 26
April 13 April 1
May 11 April 29
June 8 May 27


The full IRB Committee generally does not meet in July & August.

Protocol applications may be submitted throughout the summer. Protocols that do not require Full Committee review continue to be reviewed during the summer (Exempt reviews and Expedited reviews).  

Research studies which pose a higher level of risk to participants and which require review by the full IRB committee at a convened meeting may be submitted for pre-review if ample time is allowed (2 weeks minimum before the submission deadline).

If you have questions, contact:

Cat Runden, Compliance Program Manager (IRB), 704-687-1871

Angelica Martins, Interim Director, Office of Research Compliance, 704-687-1876