IACUC Committee

Dr. Yvette Huet, Kinesiology (Chair) (2021)
Dr. Didier Dreau, Biological Sciences (Vice Chair) (2020)
Dr. Shan Yan, Biological Sciences (2022)
Dr. Joe Marino, Kinesiology (2020)
Dr. Susan Arthur, Kinesiology (2021)
Dr. Gregory Wickliff, English (2022)
Mr. John Richert, Non-Affiliated Member (2022)
Mr. William Westphal, Non-Affiliated Member (2022)
Mr. Aaron Kampe, Biological Sciences (2020), alternate
Dr. Chandra D. Williams, Attending Veterinarian
Dr. Greg Dugan, Backup Attending Veterinarian

Mr. Bruce Crowell, Environmental Health and Safety Office, ex officio, non-voting
Dr. Angelica Martins, Office of Research Compliance, ex officio, non-voting

Terms expire July 31 of the listed year