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Dr. Jim Cook

Health Psychology

Dr. Jim Cook

Uses the community as his laboratory to improve the lives of the disadvantaged.

Dr. James R. Cook, Professor and Coordinator for Community Psychology Programs

Email  | 704-687-1327 |  Website

Dr. Gloria Elliott

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Mechanical Engineering & Engineering Sciences

Dr. Gloria D. Elliott

Explores new approaches for preservation of biological therapeutics and diagnostics.

Dr. Gloria D. Elliott, Director, Biostability Lab; Professor, Mechanical Engineering & Engineering Sciences

Email  |  704-687-8365  | Website

Dr. Dan Janies

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Bioinformatics and Genomics

Dr. Daniel Janies

Develops software to understand the spread of infectious diseases.

Dr. Daniel Janies, Carol Grotnes Belk Distinguished Professor of Bioinformatics and Genomics

Email  |  704-687-1742  |  Website

Drs. Bost & Piller



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Biological Science


Drs. Ken Bost & Ken Piller

Collaborate to produce soy-based proteins to address unmet needs in healthcare.

Dr. Ken Bost & Dr. Ken Piller, Co-Owners of SoyMeds; Professors and Researchers in Biological Sciences

704-687-8677 & 704-687-8522  |  Website

Chance Lewis

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Urban Education

Dr. Chance Lewis

Creates global opportunities to improve the quality of life opportunities for our nation's urban students.

Dr. Chance Lewis, Carol Grotnes Belk Distinguished Professor of Urban Education

Email  |  704-743-4207  |  Website  & The Urban Education Collaborative Website

Nicole Peterson

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Dr. Nicole Peterson

Investigates the links between social interactions, culture, and sustainability efforts.

Dr. Nicole Peterson, Assistant professor, Department of Anthropology, UNC Charlotte & Affiliated researcher, Center for Research on Environmental Decisions, Columbia University

Email  |  704-687-4077  |  Website  &  Social Sustainability Network Website

Naiquan (Nigel) Zheng

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Center for Biomedical Engineering and Science

Dr. Naiquan (Nigel) Zheng

Develops and tests new techniques for restoring human joint function and fall prevention.

Dr. Naiquan (Nigel) Zheng, Associate Professor, Mechanical Engineering and Engineering Science

Email  |  704-687-7301  |  Website

Chandra Williams

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Lab Animal Resources

Dr. Chandra Williams

Promotes responsible animal use for the benefit of society.

Dr. Chandra Williams, University Veterinarian

Email  |  704-687-5017  |  Website

David Test

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Special Education

Dr. David Test

Investigates methods to enable those with disabilities to lead independent and successful lives.

Dr. David Test, Professor of Special Education

Email  |  704-687-8853  |  Website & National Technical Assistance Center on Transition Website