Coming Soon- Online IRB protocol application submission system (IRBIS)

Date Published: 
August 5, 2016

The Office of Research Compliance (ORC) is pleased to announce the upcoming implementation of an online IRB protocol application submission and administrative system. 

Beginning September 6, 2016, researchers may submit IRB protocol applications online using IRBIS.  Researchers who have used the NORM (research proposals and award management) and AIR (conflict of interest disclosure) systems may find that IRBIS “looks and feels” very similar as all of these systems were developed by UNC Chapel Hill. 

In addition to protocol application submission, researchers will be able to track the progress of their submission, respond to Compliance Office and IRB comments/questions (i.e., stipulations), manage their study documents (e.g., approved consent forms and study materials) through IRBIS, obtain a non-human subjects research determination, etc.

ORC will have a “black out week” from September 6th through the 12th.  Applications may be created and submitted using IRBIS, though processing of new applications will not begin until the 13th.   This black out week will allow researchers time to create applications and for ORC to finalize protocol applications already in progress.

Researchers with active protocols (i.e., protocols already approved or in process prior to September 6th) should continue to use the same procedures for study amendments and renewals for the time being.  ORC’s goal is to transition all protocols to IRBIS, however this process will be phased over the next 16 months and will coincide with the renewal process for these active protocols.  Researchers will be provided with details regarding the necessary steps to transition active protocols to IRBIS.

Contact the Office of Research Compliance at 704-687-1871, 704-687-8341 or with any questions.