Helpful Hints

Who can help me prepare a budget?

ORSO staff members, Ellen Zavala and Stafford Farmer Office of Research Services and Outreach prepare and review budgets for all multi-college proposals, as well as proposals for the colleges of Arts + Architecture, Business and Education. Staff in the other college-based research offices Computing and Informatics, Engineering and Health and Human Services can help with budget preparation.

The ORSO website also has the following information for you to use when preparing your proposals:

Who submits my proposal?

Faculty and staff cannot submit their own proposals. All proposals must be submitted by an authorized  organizational representative (AOR) of the University, and all grants, contracts and cooperative agreements must be reviewed and approved by an AOR before submission.

When preparing your proposal, contact the college-based research officer from your college, who will put you in touch with the appropriate person to submit your proposal.

If your proposal involves more than one UNC Charlotte college, your proposal must be submitted by the Office of Research Services and Outreach.

Helpful Hints for NORM

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