Compliance and Control

The Compliance & Control group is responsible for overall sponsored program financial reporting compliance. They manage the University’s sponsored programs cash flow and reporting and samples award transactions for compliance. They also interface with the University Controller’s office and assist the Controller with year-end closing. In addition to their primary responsibility for sponsored programs Federal draw-downs, this group is responsible for all Federal financial aid draw-downs, which includes four new direct loan programs: 1) the Federal Direct Subsidized Loan; 2) the Federal Direct Unsubsidized loan; 3) the Federal Direct PLUS Loan; and 4) the Federal Direct Graduate PLUS Loan.


The Compliance and Control group handles the following tasks:

  • Banner operating ledger reconciliation with general ledger
  • Subcontract invoicing
  • Federal funds draw-down (including financial aid and Federal work-study)
  • SF-270 (Federal funds reimbursement/advance payment)
  • Other billing and invoicing (monthly, quarterly, milestone reimbursement, subcontracts)
  • Receivables and aging
  • Deposits
  • Collections (includes coordination with General Counsel)
  • F&A distribution to Chancellor and departmental trust funds
  • Support of A-133 sponsored program audits by NC State Auditor
  • Sub-recipient monitoring/financial reporting
  • Cost-share database maintenance
  • NSF and DHHS cumulative quarterly reporting
  • Annual property reports
  • G13100 & G13101 (receivables) reconciliation
  • University year-end closing (with the Controller’s office)

Compliance & Control Contacts

Deborah Fraser, Manager, 704-687-1886

Melvina Fredson-Cole, Grant Billing and Reporting Specialist, 704-687-1864

Debbie Black, Grant Billing and Reporting Specialist, 704-687-1863