Award Management

The Award Management group is responsible for providing the daily transactional support to faculty and college-based post-award staff.


Awards Management teams handle the following tasks:

  • Grant/fund set-up and Banner budget entry
  • Subcontract review and encumbrance
  • Expense documents review/approval (travel, direct pay, personnel actions, tuition)
  • Journal voucher processing for cost transfers
  • Release time processing
  • Budget revisions
  • Cost Share Reporting
  • Award close-out
  • Final reconciliation

Roles and Responsibilities Matrix

GCA as a whole is committed to providing the UNC Charlotte research community with the services required to fulfill their research administration needs at an optimum level. Please feel free to contact Lou Harrell (704-687-1890) if you should have any questions.

Award Management Contacts:

Valerie Crickard, Associate Director of Grants & Contract Administration, 704-687-1862

Kathy Edwards, Research Administrator, 704-687-1858

Shawnee Haney, Sr. Research Administrator, 704-687-5148

Kristen Morse, Sr. Research Administrator, 704-687-1824