Advancing University Research Administration (AURA)

Advancing University Research Administration (AURA) is a suite of projects to implement research administration process and system improvements. It is the next phase of the Research Administration Project (RAP) which began in 2009. The objective is to streamline the research administration processes to improve effectiveness, efficiencies and customer service, enabling the University research faculty to increase research endeavors. This program will also assess and improve the supporting systems of the research administration processes. 

The RAP project began in 2009 and the following activities were conducted:

  • Discovery
    • Reviewed background documents
    • Interviewed faculty and staff
  • Process mapping
    • To understand current functions and processes
    • To understand the relationships among organizations, functions, work routines, etc.
    • To identify concerns, bottlenecks, missed handoffs, etc.
  • Assessment
    • Synthesized information from discovery and mapping
    • Followed-up on details with faculty and staff
  • Development of recommendations and implementation plan
    • Addressed University‚Äôs objectives
    • Created a plan

The first AURA effort completed was to conduct an assessment of the original implementation plan to determine the research administration process and system changes implemented since 2009 and identify gaps. The gap analysis was used to identify current needs that became a prioritized list of projects that were not implemented during the original initiative. 

The AURA program is aligned with the UNC Charlotte University goal to reach at least $50 million in research funding by 2020. The program is also aligned to the strategic goals of Research and Economic Development, which include improving customer service, increasing collaboration with other universities and continuing to build the culture of research within the colleges at UNC Charlotte.

AURA Steering Committee Members:

Dr.  Michael Carlin
Beth Hardin
Dr. Joan Lorden
David Tobelman
Dr.  Bob Wilhelm
Bernadette Williams