Centers and Institutes

Centers and institutes are established within the University to strengthen and enrich multidisciplinary programs of research, public service, or instruction conducted by the faculty and staff. They also may provide undergraduate and graduate students and postdoctoral fellows with added research opportunities, facilities, and assistance, as well as enhance their involvement in public service and educational activities. Centers and institutes also have a strong positive impact on the economic development of the state by providing job opportunities, supplying technical assistance and training, fostering community development, and enhancing the transfer of new technologies. By engaging in partnerships with organizations such as private or corporate sponsors, educational institutions, and federal or state agencies, centers serve as an important means to address the diverse mission of the University.

NOTE:  The Centers and Institutes listed on this page are only those have been established as UNC Charlotte Institutional Centers under the procedures set forth in University Policy #314. A Dean may wish to establish a pilot center that meets certain needs within the college but does not yet meet the standard for creating a UNC Charlotte Institutional Center. Pilot centers may be established for a two-year period and, with appropriate review, extended to five years, but must then be proposed as an institutional center or be discontinued.


Interinstitutional Public Service

Interdisciplinary Research

Interdisciplinary Public Service